Sunday, April 27, 2014

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

I really hate giving bad reviews. I'm a writer myself and have deep respect for people who are able to put pen to paper and actually have a finished project. But, I have to be honest about my thought and I just did not find this book to be very good. 

The novel follows former rich girl Violet White as she rents a piece of her families estate over to mysterious new-comer River. Violet is a bit of a weird chick. She's obsessed with her grandmother who passed away several years before the book starts. I generally like characters who are off the beaten path, but I couldn't really relate to Violet. Not only does she constantly harp on how she was previously rich, but her obsession with her dead grandmother was strange. 

The plot itself was engaging. I will say that I read the entire book in about a day, but I felt completely unsatisfied at the end. Nothing was really going on for a majority of the book. Sure people are dying. Sure River has a secret. But they all of those parts where kind of blah. Up until the end, which literally comes out of nowhere, nothing really compelling happens. The plot is just a bunch of random moments squashed together. 

Overall, I'd say, skip it. It's marketed as a Gothic horror story, but its not very horrific. 

Review: 2/10



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